How We Deliver Excellence

Family Owned

As a family owned business, we truly care; and, when we say, “We Deliver Excellence”, we really mean it!

Straight-forward and honest

In today’s competitive marketplace, we know that you have a huge number of choices, so we’d like to give you some straightforward honest reasons as to why you should make SolSource Property Services your Phoenix Arizona choice for your commercial cleaning, and janitorial needs, as well as for all of your other property service needs.

  • We are knowledgeable, and experienced in the commercial cleaning and property services field; see About Us.
  • Our cleaning teams, as well as our customer representatives, are all knowledgeable and experienced in serving the cleaning needs of our customers.
  • We make no false promises, nor do we have some phony sales pitch.
  • No strings Attached, we only use a “no-strings-attached” commercial cleaning, and property services, agreement with our customers.
  • We use only experienced contractors, who we compensate very well, and who never have to pay money to be associated with SolSource. Here’s why that’s important:
    • Contractors work best! Our experienced contractors have already established themselves, as small business owners, and as proven trades people in their specific industry niches, learn more by visiting our Janitorial cleaning, Floor & Carpet Care, Restrooms cleaning pages. We carefully screen these hard working contractors to select the best; we attract them by treating them with respect and compensating them above the industry average. These contractors, who often work through the night, appreciate being able to work through our business model, as they prefer to avoid interfacing directly with customers, on business issues. Check out our Join Us section and our Testimonial section, to learn more…
    • Employee based janitorial, unlike residential housekeeping, commercial cleaning typically requires more and different skills, both in the cleaning techniques used as well as in the application of various cleaning products. Because employee based janitorial cleaning companies tend to pay low wages, they also attract unskilled and disinterested workers, making the achievement of high quality work almost impossible.
    • Franchise janitorial cleaning companies tend to attract unskilled people into the cleaning business, with the promise of receiving training, and building their own business. Franchise owners must pay their franchisor significant money to get started, as well as ongoing royalties, with no guarantee that they will ever gain the knowledge, skills and drive to succeed in their small business unit, making the results of franchise cleaning companies very spotty at best.
  • We will listen to you, so that we completely understand your needs, and then we’ll prepare a customized proposal that matches those needs, and fits your budget too.
  • We use top quality environmental preferable products, in order to provide excellence in “green cleaning”, along with using the best equipment, and best cleaning techniques. Learn more by visiting our Green Cleaning page.
  • Great communications, we maintain prompt, and effective, communications with both customers and team members.
  • We track, and measure, the results, of every team. Should standards ever slip accidently, we react swiftly and effectively, to assure that our customers receive the excellent service that they deserve.
  • Our relationships are important, you will find our staff to always be friendly, and helpful.
  • We’re on your side, we absolutely stand behind all of our services. If a customer calls with an issue, then we know it’s a serious problem for them, and therefore, for us too. Our customers have better things to do than to call us about service issues, so if we hear from you, you can count on the fact that we’ll be paying close attention.
  • We deal with everyone with honesty and respect!