How We Deliver Excellence

Everyone notices floors

Floors and carpets are normally the first things noticed when entering virtually every reception area, lobby, office, or business. Clean carpets and buffed floors make a positive first impression.
Floors are also one of the biggest investments in most offices, and showrooms. With proper floor cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor maintenance, the useful life of floor coverings will be extended. Each office, or business type, requires it’s own regiment for floor care, carpet cleaning and general floor maintenance, which is something our skilled carpet cleaning teams, and hard floor cleaning teams provide.

Vinyl Tile Floors

Hard floor experts. All vinyl tile floors, or VCT, require regular floor cleaning, refinishing, waxing and maintenance, depending on the amount of use. Once a VCT floor has an established coat of quality finish (often called floor wax), then proper floor buffing can usually restore its luster. Eventually, the top layer of finish, or wax, will become imbedded with fine grit and dirt. At this point a machine scrub, a/k/a top scrub, is in order. Machine scrubbing of a floor, followed by a light coat of floor finish (wax), will completely restore the luster of the floor, and is much more cost efficient than the performing a complete strip and wax, or a complete refinishing, of the floor.
Eventually, the floor finish, or floor wax, will have to be completely replaced, but it shouldn’t be all that often if a proper floor maintenance schedule has been followed up to this point. When the floor needs to be completely refinished, or waxed, then it’s time to completely remove the old floor finish, by stripping the floor and refinishing, or waxing, the floor with new multilayered coats of the best finish available, customized for your particular use.
Your experienced SolSource floor care team can provide you with all of these services.

Carpet Cleaning

We specialize in clean carpets. Dirty carpets look ugly, and the deep-seated dirt and grit foster the growth of germs; that alone is more than enough reason to have carpets cleaned (shampooed) and maintained professionally, on a regular basis. Perhaps, just as important is the fact that the grit that builds up deep in your dirty carpet also acts much like sandpaper, and wears down the fibers that make up your carpet; this makes carpet replacement needed much sooner than it should be, so there’s also a long term economy in maintaining clean carpets.

The following are the primary methods for carpet cleaning, each with their own merit:

  • Hot Water Extraction (a/k/a steam cleaning) is the carpet cleaning method that is generally most accepted as providing the best “deep carpet cleaning”. The hot water extraction method, or steam cleaning, is excellent for both commercial carpet cleaning, and for residential carpet cleaning. This method works the best when it utilizes heavy-duty systems, which are most often truck mounted and generate both extremely hot water (steam), and very powerful suction to remove most of the water, and dirt, from the carpet. This process produces clean carpets, with a quick drying time, and is considered the best method for all residential carpet cleaning, as well as the best method for most office carpet cleaning that’s subjected to normal traffic.
  • Bonnet carpet cleaning, which utilizes the circular action of an absorbent pad mounted on a standard floor-scrubbing machine, is normally best suited for high traffic commercial carpet cleaning applications. By applying a carpet cleaning solution to the carpet, and then “scrubbing” the carpet with the rotary scrubbing motion of the “bonneting machine”, the dirt and grit is removed, at least from the top (and visible) portion of the carpet. There are many variations of this bonnet carpet cleaning process, which has the advantage of being relatively inexpensive, and when done properly, leaves a very dry carpet, which is usable very quickly. Although this method does not provide the deep cleaning action of hot water extraction (steam cleaning), it can still be very useful in high traffic, commercial cleaning applications.
  • Encapsulation is a “hybrid” method of carpet cleaning, that’s becoming more and more popular in commercial carpet cleaning applications. The encapsulating product (a liquid cleaning agent) is sprayed on the commercial carpet, and then scrubbed into the carpet using rotary brush machine. Each soil particle is surrounded with this “encapsulation” product, which crystallizes it so it can’t attract other soil particles. The encapsulated soil particles easily come free from the carpet fiber, by vacuuming, leaving a clean carpet. This is an economical, low moisture, commercial carpet cleaning process that allows commercial carpets to be put back into use quickly.
  • Ceramic Tile and Stone Floors

    Ceramic tile floors should be trouble free! Many ceramic tile floors need virtually no floor care other than regular floor mopping, occasional floor scrubbing and possibly some grout cleaning (or grout restoration). On the other hand there are many varieties of stone floors, natural tile floors, terrazzo floors and more; some are relatively easy to maintain, and others require specialized professional floor care. In any event, your experienced SolSource floor care team can evaluate your needs, and recommend your best course of action.

    Wood Floors

    There are many types of wood floors; and as many methods for properly cleaning, refinishing and maintaining them. For the most part, wood floors are rarely used in commercial floor applications, and when they are, the flooring manufacturer, or the architect, usually establishes the floor finishing process. Your professional SolSource floor care team will gladly work with you to see to it that the proper wood floor care methods are used.

    Rejuvenation of Tile and Grout

    Revive old tile and grout. Although the rejuvenation of old floor tile, and grout, isn’t usually considered floor cleaning, or floor maintenance, it’s a floor care service that SolSource is able to provide. Modern tile floor restoration products, developed in the past ten years have made it so that older ceramic tile no longer has to be removed, and replaced; a very disruptive and expensive process. The tile and grout floor restoration process is an excellent, and very cost effective alternative to replacing existing floor tile and grout.