Green Cleaning

Times change

It’s true that some people continue to use the “age old” conventional cleaning products, many of which are petroleum-based, and most of which have dubious health and environmental implications. We are proud to say that at SolSource, we have a greater understanding of the risks involved with many of these old traditional products, and we opt to use safer “environmentally preferable” green cleaning products, whenever possible.

We are very fortunate that today, there are safe natural products available that are fresh smelling, and without toxic side effects. SolSource strongly recommends the use of these kinds of green cleaning products, as there is no longer a need to expose workers, employees or customers, to the products of the past.

If you have a personal choice in “environmentally preferable” products, “green cleaning” products or “certified green” products of any type, then just let us know and we’ll use those products when cleaning your property. We can easily accommodate any green cleaning request. The choice of SolSource, however, is a line of products called “Infinite Green”. These green products are powerful, effective, natural, safe and environmentally preferable.

When we meet with you, and discuss your cleaning needs, we’ll cover all of this with you. Our goal is to implement commercial cleaning systems that help you in every way possible, and we feel that safe, environmentally preferable, “green” products are the best solution, virtually everywhere.

We clean greener

Infinite Green provides more than just green cleaning solutions; they also have a full line of true sanitizing, and bacteria removal, products that fit virtually every commercial cleaning application.

Here’s a list of Infinite Green benefits:

  • Infinite Green cleaning products are clean, safe, and more “user friendly” than most everything else on the market.
  • Infinite Green has products for:
    • General Green Cleaning
    • Green Restroom Cleaning
    • Green Office Sanitization
    • Fats, Oils & Grease Elimination, using microbe technology
    • Green cleaning products that are safe around food
    • Preventative maintenance products
  • Infinite Green has excellent, and efficient, green cleaning products, with huge versatility in their applications. With Infinite Green there’s virtually no limit to what you can clean safely, and do so in a green and environmentally preferable manor.
  • Infinite Green Products can be used in every industry needing to free itself of dirt, and bacteria.
  • Infinite Green cleaning products are very cost effective.