Commercial Landscape Maintenance

The exterior appearance of your business is important, as it offers a first impression to new visitors, and it enhances your business’s visible image. SolSource Property Services is proud to offer high quality commercial landscaping, and landscape maintenance, for office buildings, medical facilities and other businesses for a fair price, throughout the entire Phoenix Arizona Metro area.
Landscape maintenance isn’t just about mowing grass and lawns, killing weeds and trimming shrubs; it’s also about landscape that’s environmentally healthy, clean, safe and attractive. In order to achieve these objectives, here are some of the services that we provide:

Lawn Mowing: Before mowing grass and lawns, we remove trash and debris; we then mow grass to the most suitable height for the season. We’ll also trim the grass around the edges of sidewalks and flowerbeds. Generally we do not “catch” grass clippings, as it’s felt that the natural “recycling” of clippings is generally better for the grass and lawn, plus it’s a more environmentally friendly method of lawn mowing. When we mow the grass for sporting events, and other special occasions, we can make arrangements to pick up the grass, too.

Weeding: Shrub areas, waste areas and areas with ground cover will be weeded using an environmentally acceptable herbicide. Our application of herbicides is done safely so as not to cause damage to other plants. As needed, we hand pull weeds around shrubs, flowerbeds and other ground cover. It is always our intention is to control weeds with no injury, or damage, plants or trees.

Shrub Trimming and Plant Care: Maintaining attractive shrubs is not something that happens by just trimming plants on one given day, but rather the trimming of plants, trees and shrubs is a process that continues throughout the year. Different plants and shrubs each have separate landscape maintenance needs, so there will always be plants, shrubs and trees in need of pruning and trimming, all year long.

Managing landscaping is often overlooked but is an important part of a well-organized landscape maintenance plan. Original landscape design can easily be lost when trees, plants and scrubs are allowed to extend beyond the areas originally allocated for them in the building landscape design. Our goal is to maintain your landscape in a fashion that best restores the original look intended by the landscape architect, and to do that we will trim, fertilize and maintain your trees, shrubs and plantings to preserve the landscape integrity of your property.

Trimming Removal: We will remove all plant, shrub and tree trimming debris from your site. In addition, we always remove trash from your landscaping, things such as plastic bags, paper, cans, bottles and more.
Leaf Blowing: All sidewalks, walkways, patios, pool decks and parking areas will be blown clean of debris, using a leaf blower. We will blow all non-grass landscape areas to remove leaves, and loose debris, leaving your property looking “landscape perfect”.
Flowerbed Maintenance. Flowerbeds, and their seasonal colors, are important in highlighting key property areas, and our objective is to always maintain beautiful flowerbeds with the seasonal colors required by property owners, and building managers.

Swimming Pool, and Pond Cleaning. Commercial swimming pools, as well as decorative ponds and fountains, all require proper pool cleaning and maintenance. Our skilled and knowledgeable pool cleaning and maintenance team can analyze your pool, or pond, cleaning needs and establish a plan that is both efficient, and cost effective. As with other areas of property maintenance, commercial cleaning, janitorial and landscaping, SolSource Property Services uses environmentally friendly, “green” products and methods, when doing pool and pond cleaning.