Power Washing

SolSource Property Services offers power washing, a/k/a pressure washing, throughout the entire Phoenix Arizona Metro area. Our pressure washing service is professional high quality power washing, which we offer at an affordable price. We use powerful modern pressure washing equipment that produces up to 3500 PSI pressure, and extremely hot water (steam), allowing us to handle virtually any kind of power washing job. We specialize in all areas of property maintenance services, for office buildings, industrial applications, property managers, including all aspects of pressure washing and steam cleaning.
Our skilled and knowledgeable professional team takes pride in providing top quality power washing for every situation, regardless of its location, scheduling or job size. One-time pressure cleaning jobs are always welcome, and we’ll also gladly schedule service on a recurring basis.

Here are a few of the services we offer:

Buildings, Sidewalks and Swimming Pool Deck Cleaning. With our long reach hoses, very hot water (steam) and extremely high pressure cleaning equipment we’re able to easily reach hi-rise locations, hard to reach parking garages and other locations in need of powerful exterior cleaning. We can also accommodate your acid washing needs.
Fleet Washing and Industrial Machine Cleaning. We can handle the tough pressure washing, and industrial cleaning needs of trucking, contracting and heavy equipment users.

Graffiti removal. Even the toughest, hard to reach graffiti in no match for the powerful high pressure washing, and hot water steam, used by our professional pressure washing team. We also remove stains, and hard to remove gum, from concrete areas.

Dumpster cleaning and drive-thru grease removal. Our pressure washing teams know how to win the constant battle of oil and grease removal from the fast food drive lanes, from garbage dumpsters and from grease recycle containers. We’ll be happy to inspect your property, and recommend a cost effective program for grease removal from any metal container, cement areas, service station drives and asphalt driveways.

Window Washing. There are many hard to reach windows that are best cleaned with pressure washing, and our power washing team is ready to serve any of your window cleaning needs.
Shopping Cart Sanitization. Steam cleaning shopping carts is the best way to manage shopping cart sanitizing, and to ensure germ and grim removal on a regular basis. Using the extremely hot water (steam), and high pressure of professional power washing is the environmentally safe solution to maintaining clean, and germ free, shopping carts of all kinds. Our pressure washing team can schedule shopping cart sanitization to accommodate your time requirements.