The all important Restrooms

When it comes to office cleaning and business cleaning, restroom cleaning (or bathroom cleaning) is neither the most difficult, nor the most time consuming part of the commercial cleaning job. Providing clean and sanitized restrooms is, however, without a doubt the most IMPORTANT part of any office, or business, cleaning job. Providing consistently clean, sanitized and fresh smelling restrooms, is the single most important thing for most business managers, their employees, and their customers.
Every SolSource team is focused on consistently providing the very best restroom cleaning, locker room cleaning and bathroom cleaning possible. In order to achieve the cleanest possible restrooms, SolSource utilizes the best available restroom cleaning and restroom sanitizing agents (most often green cleaning solutions are used). Plain and simple, our job rests (as much as anything) on our ability to provide employers, employees and their customers with the cleanest restrooms possible, each and every day. Clean and sanitized restrooms, clean and sanitized sinks, toilets and showers are all important to you, and they are also very important to us, and we take that responsibility very seriously.